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When people use their bathroom, they want clean, white surfaces and anything else seems to stand out. Chips in enamel and fiberglass bathtubs are very common and can be real eyesores as they stand out to the otherwise clean/white surface. Another common eyesore in sinks and tubs, especially old ones, is the drip spot or stain that has worn away the enamel coating to a black steel surface. Many times the drip spot is a buildup of years of hard water or sediment on the bottom of a sink or tub. Even worse than chips and stains are cracks in tubs. Nothing can rack up an insurance claim quicker than a crack in tub that leaks into an apartment below or a nearby room. The common culprits are a poorly supported, old fiberglass bathtub that has flexed for years and then finally cracks when you step in it one day. Another common problem is most tubs are not rated for over 270 lbs and when someone who is heavier than that, steps into a tub, heal first, that is a lot of weight on a small surface area. When we repair cracked tubs, not only do we have a thorough fiberglass repair process but we first support the tub by injecting a 2-part epoxy foam that is weight bearing. Without supporting the tub first, no amount of fiberglass with support this tub in the future and it will continue to crack. Whether its an eyesore or an insurance claim waiting to happen, Surface Repair Experts has you covered.

Tile is one of the most common hard surfaces in floors, counters, back-splashes and shower surrounds. It comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and designs. However, when a batch of tile is made, it is exactly that, a batch. Years later it is almost impossible to find an exact match. Even if you have a spare tile, it takes a magician to break out the old one without breaking adjacent tiles. Whether it’s a crack or a chip in tile, Surface Repair Experts can restore it to near original.

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