Stove Tops & Refrigerators

After having a new appliance delivered, finding a scratch or chip can be very frustrating. Enamel stove top chips are commonly caused by a pot nicking the edge and chipping off the enamel. Instead of using a generic “white” touch up pen to repair, let Surface Repair Experts make the damage go away completely.

Another common damage to stove tops is when food gets cooked onto a glass cook top or a pot scratches the surface. Glass cooktops can be very expensive to replace (often 70% the cost of a completely new stove). We have developed a method of cleaning and polishing these glass cooktops so you can maintain a pristine cook surface without replacing a $400 cook top.

Scratches to stainless steel refrigerators is another common problem we come across. Whether it’s during a move or from a frig magnet, these damages can blemish an otherwise clean appearance on what is considered a key feature of any kitchen.

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