Floors are the most used surface in any home and often the most worn.  Whether its normal foot traffic or damage caused by moving something heavy, damage to floors stands out and can be real eye-sores.  In some cases, a tear or split seam in a vinyl floor can become a trip hazard. Let the Experts take care of those unsightly damages and trip hazards.

Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Repair

A common frustration in property management is when a person moves an appliance to clean behind it and ends up gouging and tearing the vinyl floor.  Other common damages are burns from hot objects falling off the stove top, or other objects falling and cutting the vinyl floor.  Whatever the damage may be, if its smaller than a plate, we can repair it.  We use a product that fuses with the existing vinyl material which allows for a seamless repair.  NO PATCHING.

Wood and Laminate Floor Repair

A clean smooth wood floor is a beautiful surface to look at as well as to walk on.  The surprise of finding that a piece of furniture has scratched your beautiful floors can be very frustrating.  Whether it’s a scratch, dent, chip or any other damage, call Surface Repair Experts and we will take care of it.

Tile and Stone Floor Repair

Cracks in your tile or stone floor? Grout chipped out between tiles?  Do your anchor bolt holes stand out?  Hard to find that same tile?  These are all common problems with tile and stone floors.  Give Surface Repair Experts a call and we can help find a solution for you.

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