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Cabinets get beat up every day. Solid wood, laminate or particle board doors fade with water damage or get chipped along the edge. After deciding to change the cabinet hardware, you realized there will be an extra hole. Whether its screw holes, chips or fading finish, Surface Repair Experts has you covered.

There are many different surfaces that we can and have repaired. Of the most common surfaces that cannot be found in a kitchen or bathroom, elevator cabs are probably one of the more common repairs. Scratches or graffiti in stainless steel, wood or laminate panels is a common nuisance to tenants and property managers. Call Surface Repair Experts for an estimate and repair.

The thorn in every moving company’s side is when a customer finds damage on furniture or belongings after the move. Was it there before the move or did it happen during the move? How to prove it? How to make customer happy? We can repair damage to wood and leather furniture. With affordable, durable and beautiful repairs Surface Repair Experts can let the moving company get back to moving and the home owner back to living.

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