All about Surface Repair Experts

After graduating from Whitworth University, Jacob Grady moved to Bogota, Colombia to work with a Colombian church to open a home for girls that were at high risk of sexual abuse.  A year into living in Colombia, Jacob realized they needed an ongoing revenue source that could support the girls home.  After talking with his friends Brian and Sue Templin (in Spokane, WA), they agreed to come to Bogota to train him and several others on how to start and run their business, The Detail Difference.  A year later, in 2008, The Detail Difference had a thriving business doing repairs to small surface damage for 4 and 5 star hotels and restaurants in Bogota.

In early 2009, Jacob and his wife moved back to the US and was persuaded by his father, Jack Grady to open the first franchise of The Detail Difference.  In 2009, Jacob opened The Detail Difference in Portland, OR.  Starting in his living room office, he built the business into successful organization that had several hundred repeat customers and multiple repair technicians. Over the course of 8 years they built a reputation of being the go-to company for all surface damage in Portland Metro area.  They developed their own proprietary software to handle scheduling work orders and invoicing.  With plans to adopt another child, Jacob and his wife decided it would be best to be close to the rest of their family.  In 2017, Jacob sold his business to move back to Spokane, Wa with his family. 

During 2017 and the first half of 2018, Jacob was looking for another business to start.  His dad, meanwhile, was convinced his old business was great and that he should work with the former franchisors to re-launch the franchise.  After finding an experienced franchising partner in Dennis Mullgannon, Jacob felt the time was right to launch their new franchise.  By combining Dennis’ experience of building successful brands and Jacob’s of building a successful surface repair business, the two were able to re-launch an exciting new look on a service business.  On July 4th, 2018, Surface Repair Experts was born.  Surface Repair Experts (SE) is designed for the franchisee who has business acumen and wants to replace their $150K annual salary.  SE will help hire and train their technicians, while giving the franchisee the tools and resources to succeed using a completely unique service.

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