Countertop Restoration

Laminate, Stone & Solid Surface, We Service Them ALL

The surface that is most often cleaned in any kitchen is the counter top. Having burns, chips or even knife cuts in the counter top can make cleaning your counter a nightmare on top of being unsightly. Counter tops are also one of the costliest purchases for any kitchen, whether it’s Carrera marble or formica, counters are expensive to install. Maintaining a clean and uniform appearance is very important to the longevity of any surface. If small damage is left, other people will treat the counters with less and less care.

Laminate Counter Repair

Laminate is a very durable surface and the most common counter top material. The most common repairs to laminate are the chips along the edges of the counter top (often very sharp), pan burns near the stove or knife cuts. If left unrepaired, laminate is sharp enough to cut your hands on as well as food will collect in the cracks and chips making for an unhealthy surface to prepare food. Whether its cuts, stains or chips, Surface Repair Experts can take care of it for you.

Stone and Solid Surface Repair

A more modern or higher end finish, Stone and other Solid Surface materials (Quartz, Corian, other aggregate materials) are becoming more and more common. While they look beautiful and are very hard, these surfaces have some downsides. Edge chips are the most common damage and is often a pan/pot nicking the edge that does it. Other damage are cracks, sometimes because of heat or by the sink where the slab is the weakest. Another common problem found with marble and granite especially, is staining near the stove top. When the counters are installed, most installers will not seal the counter due to possible color change that might come from a sealant. Over time oils and grease seep down into the pores of the stone near the stove top and the counter takes on a darker, yellowish tint. Whether its removing stains, fixing chips or cracks, Surface Repair Experts has you covered.

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